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City Rules for Park Permits during Phase II

Rules for Organizations receiving Park Permits under Governor Baker’s Phase II

This document is just about verbatim from the June 3rd memorandum issued from the Office of Energy and Environmental affairs. It outlines the steps that needs to be taken for Activity Organizers and also gives direction as to what needs to be done during practices. The Medford Park Commission will only approve park permits to applicants who have read, understand, and agree to follow the standards Governor Baker has published. The full version of this document can be found here.

City of Medford Rules for Permit Holders during Phase II:

1. Teams can be no larger than 12, including coaches, volunteers and staff per field or court.
2. Organizations must keep track of an attendance log for each practice and must have available their full name, email address, and a contact phone number if requested by the Board of Health.
3. Scrimmages, organized games, or tournaments are not permitted. Activities must be limited to no-contact drills and training exercises.
4. Sharing of balls (ex: playing catch) is prohibited.
5. Players must maintain 6 feet distance at all times and there should be no contact between players. If maintaining physical distance is difficult or impossible because of the nature of the sport, coaches should limit players to workouts, aerobic conditioning, individual skill work, and drills. Face masks do not need to be worn for players while they are 6 feet away from all other persons.
6. Athletes should be discouraged from high fives, fist bumps or other social contact during practice.
7. Limit any nonessential visitors, spectators, staff, volunteers, and activities as much as possible. Visitors, spectators, volunteers, and staff must wear face coverings at all times.
8. Youth programs and sports should limit one adult chaperone per child.
9. Spectators/chaperones must practice social distancing including wearing face masks.
10. Referees, Umpires and other officials are not required for practices and cannot be present.
11. Organizers must ensure that participants use their own personal equipment if not provided by the organizer or facility operator. Personal equipment may not be shared and must be dedicated to an individual player throughout the season. Personal equipment includes all gear worn by players (e.g., gloves, helmets, masks, skates, footwear, pads, etc.).
12. Organizers should minimize sharing of other equipment, and clean and disinfect all equipment at the end of a practice session.
13. Shared food or drink is not allowed. No use of public water bubbler, fountains or bottle fillers. Participants and spectators should only drink from their own containers. Organizers must provide individual, dedicated water bottles for children if they do not have their own.
14. No concession stands and porta potties.
15. Participants and coaches must achieve proper hygiene at the beginning and end of all activities, either through hand washing with soap and water or by using alcohol-based hand sanitizer and make it available to all participants.
16. Organizers should ensure athletes do not loiter after practice, teams should not stay to watch other practices before or after their practice session. Please schedule your practices 30 minutes separated from each other to prevent cross gatherings and give time for coaches and volunteers to disinfect common surface areas (dug outs, bleachers, benches, et..)

Reporting Procedures:

All Sport teams must communicate to their participants the symptoms of COVID-19. To participate in practices, organizations must ensure participants, volunteers, coaches, and spectators must show no signs of COVID-19 for 14 days. You can share this flyer from the CDC of the list of symptoms here.

If a participant is showing symptoms of COVID-19 within 14 days of attending a practice, they should report it to the organization. If they experience symptoms during the activity or practice, they should promptly inform the coach and must be removed from the activity and instructed to return home.

When an organizations receives a COID-19 report, a league representative should immediately notify the Medford Board of Health, or (781) 393-2560 and Kevin Bailey (781) 393-2486. Please include the attendance sheet(s) of the practices the person attended along with an email and contact number for each participant (including coaches, staff and volunteers) on the attendance log.

Failure to comply with the rules and procedures above will result in immediately revoking all permits submitted by the organization.

I have read and understand the rules and procedures listed above and will communicate this information to the organization along with all coaches and volunteers.

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