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Resident / Non-Resident Policy

Medford Recreation will offer programs and services that will accommodate both residents and nonresidents. However, when services are in high demand, non-resident participation is not permitted. Programs and services that can accommodate non-residents are assessed a non-resident fee above the resident rate. The increase percentage rate will be determined based on history of the program, program demand, and fair market value of the services. Programs and services are reviewed annually, and non-resident participation is assessed.
For many of our programs, residency will be determined when creating a household account from the Recreation Department. With a Medford Address as the permanent address, you will automatically be considered a resident. If you recently moved into the residency or another person has created an account already using the address, you will need to contact the Recreation Department to show proof of residency before creating a residency household account. The Recreation Department reserves the right to ask the primary household account member to show proof of residency by presenting a current utility bill if necessary.
With the high demand of Wrights Pond, residency is determined by presenting documentation of residing in the City of Medford through utility or excise tax bill. Documentation must be shown each year when purchasing a pass.
When creating Family memberships, only children and adults who are residing within the home is allowed on the Family account. Property and business owners are not considered a resident if they do not live in Medford.