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  • Part Time Employee Application Medford Recreation is looking for part time employees to help supervise our programs and facilities. If you would like to work for the Recreation Department as a paid employee, please fill out this application. Someone from our office will contact you about part time work opportunities.

  • Volunteer Form Many of our programs and events wouldn't run without the help of the community. If you would like to volunteer, please fill out this form and submit to the Recreation Department.

  • Volunteer Handbook The Recreation Department values the hard work and dedication to our volunteers. Without your efforts, the the Department cannot be successful. Before deciding if you would like to help volunteer, please review our handbook to gain a better understanding of our mission and goals to help expand recreation to Medford.

  • Condon Shell Permit Request If you would like to have an event at the Condon Shell, please fill out the permit request and email to the Recreation Department at

  • Park Dedication Request
  • Inclusion Services Request Form Attached, the Inclusion Services Request form, can be used for participants who wish to request additional accommodations.

  • Program Request Form The Medford Recreation Department is always looking for employees to share their talent and skills to the community. If you have a program you would like to offer through the Recreation Department, please fill out the request form attached and send to the Recreation Director, Kevin Bailey at If your program request looks to achieve the Department's mission, we will contact you to set up a meeting to discuss in detail.