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COVID Operation Plan for Summer Clinics and Programs

COVID-19 Operational Plan for Summer Clinics and Sport Programs
The Medford Recreation Department is committed to providing recreation programming this summer in a safe environment that protects the participants, spectators, and our staff. While there will be some risk involved in participating or instructing a class, the following rules and procedures must be adopted this Summer to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Program Closure or Staff Absences:
Signs and Symptoms of COVID-19: Participants and staff will receive an email reminding everyone the symptoms of COVID-19. This includes cough, fever above 100.4, chills, muscle pains, shortness of breath, sore throat, or loss of taste and smell. Anyone experiencing one or more of these signs (including the Instructor) should contact the Recreation Department immediately and not attend the class. Upon notification from the Recreation Department, class will be cancelled or postponed for a minimum of two weeks. Full credits will be provided to everyone participating in the class.
The following rules will be in place at least until July 30th. This will be reviewed by the Recreation Department and Board of Health in July and might be adjusted in August depending on the number of positive cases confirmed in Medford.
  1. Recreational programs that includes frequent ball sharing including basketball, tennis and football will be cancelled or postponed until later in the Summer season.
  2. Youth programs will have a maximum of 10 participants and one coach. Toddler and Preschool programs will have a maximum of 8 participants and one coach. An assistant coach might also be scheduled to help with social distancing. No classes will be combined. If there is a child who needs special accommodations, a maximum of one assistant coach is permissible.  
  3. Participants should provide their own equipment including playing sticks (hockey and lacrosse).
  4. Recreation will not be providing water this Summer. Participants must bring a water bottle to each class. If a child does not have water with them and a parent cannot be reached to bring them one, the Instructor should call the Recreation Director on his cell phone. In hot weather, we cannot allow participants to become dehydrated. We will give the child a Recreation water bottle to keep but we have a limited supply.
  5. All spectators must socially distance themselves and wear a face mask.
Instructor Safety Rules:
  1. For programs that uses a ball (soccer, lacrosse and street hockey), only the instructor should grab the ball with their hand. All participants should be using their feet or stick. Only the instructor should play as goalie. All shared equipment must be disinfected at the end of each practice.
  2. Instructors shall have their classes practice drills only and attempt to keep everyone distanced as much as possible. Scrimmages and games are not allowed where it will make the players come in close contact.
  3. Shared clothing including pennies is not permitted.
  4. If a participant does not have a stick or necessary equipment to play, they may borrow the equipment from the Recreation Department. The Instructor should call the Recreation Director to bring the equipment to the program. The Instructor must disinfect the equipment after each class.
Instructor Safety Equipment:
At the beginning of class, all instructors will be given the following items from the Recreation Department. Please bring the equipment to each class and return at the end of the week…
  1. Gloves
  2. Face Mask
  3. Basic First Aid Kit
  4. Disinfectant wipes or spray
  5. Hand Sanitizer
  6. Class Roster with emergency contact info
Inclement Weather & Shelter:
When inclement weather is forecasted for the day, the Recreation Department will cancel the program. For unforeseen weather such as passing thunderstorms, the following building will be assigned to the playing field. This location must be followed as it has been approved to provide shelter while keeping the children social distanced.
Tufts Park- Locker Rooms in the Pool Bathhouse.
Hormel Stadium- Team Locker Rooms inside the stadium.  
Tufts Park- unisex bathrooms located in the pool bathhouse. Cleaning procedures is under the management of the pool staff.
Hormel Stadium- Bathrooms located underneath the stadium.
Drop Off/Pick Up Procedure:
Instructors should arrive to class early on the first day and set up a table for check in, located in view of the parking lot. Cones or floor markers should be placed on the field (6 feet apart). When parents arrive, the instructor should confirm emergency contact info confirm the child brought their own water bottle. If equipment is required, it should be confirmed during drop off.  Participants should take a seat on one of the markers without the parent. The Instructor should let the parent know for the remaining classes; the parent should remain in the car during drop off/pick up.
COVID-19 Contact Person:
The Recreation Director, Kevin Bailey will be the primary contact person related to COVID-19 this Summer. If a parent or patron has a question or concern that is COVID-19 related, please have the person contact him at (781) 393-2486 or
Please keep in mind this is all new for everyone and we will need to be flexible and fluid with keeping our programs in the safest environment as possible. For Instructors who is teaching clinics in the first weeks of July, I would appreciate your feedback. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Recreation Director, Kevin Bailey at